Happy Easter!

These are my favorite Easter treats from Russia: the no-bake cheesecake Paskha and Kulich, a sweetbread filled with raisins and topped with delicious icing.

Paskha (Russian Easter Cheesecake

This easy, no bake cheesecake is traditionally served during Easter in Russia and other Slavic countries. It is quick to make but takes a few days to mold in the refrigerator. It is definitely worth it!

Fresh Cheese

It is so easy to make your own fresh cheese, which you can use for cheesecakes, sauces, or as a delicious sandwich spread. This recipe has only two ingredients, milk and buttermilk, and takes less than half an hour to make.

Swedish Crisp Waffles

Waffles are a very popular street food and coffee shop item in Sweden. Feast of the Annunciation, “Vårfrudagen” in Swedish, sounds a lot like “våffeldagen” and thus became Waffle Day! These are a lot crisper and lighter than most waffles and contain no egg.

American Pancakes

This recipe results in amazingly soft and fluffy pancakes. Serve them plain with maple syrup and bacon, or add your favorite berries or chocolate chips to the batter before cooking.

Let’s cook Korean food !

Korean cuisine is delicious and unique. There are spicy as well as mild dishes, sweet or sour, some are served piping hot, others ice cold. All the different banchan (side dishes) offer exciting meals with great variety. You simply must try it!

Menu: Korean Barbecue

It is not hard to create your own Korean BBQ, just make as many dishes as you feel like. The simplest version has only pork belly, lettuce leaves and ssamjang! And if you do not own a tabletop grill, just cook the meat before serving!

Cabbage Kimchi (통배추김치)

Traditional Napa cabbage kimchi may be a little smelly, but this deliciously tangy, spicy banchan (side dish) is served with everything in Korea and is the main ingredient in many popular Korean dishes.