Thank you for visiting my blog !


The name may sound pretentious but it simply describes the idea behind this site.

There are so many great food blogs out there with beautiful pictures and great stories. As much as I enjoy visiting them, I often find them overwhelming when looking for recipes.

I wanted to create a place where you can quickly grab fail-proof recipes, without having to scroll through multiple pages of content to find them.

I hope this will become your go-to source for that one perfect recipe, since I did all the research for you.

The recipes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced cooks. They were created by comparing the highest rated recipes, then tested and tweaked to give that perfect flavor and consistency – at least according to me!

My collection is an eclectic mix of international cuisine, baked goods and desserts, classic French and Italian dishes, as well as many Swedish and American recipes.

I hope it will be helpful for Swedes living abroad who wish to cook our traditional food and people who are interested in trying Swedish cuisine, but this is so much more than a Swedish cookbook. It reflects all the places and countries I have visited or lived in.


So, who am I?

I am a Swede currently residing in Southern California.

My family is full of talented home cooks and bakers. As a child I loved watching them work in the kitchen, and over the years I asked them for their best recipes.

I wanted a way to pass all these recipes on to my children, so I started to put together a family cookbook. The project quickly grew into a massive search for new recipes and information on how to cook things I had not made before.

The recipes were so appreciated by my friends and they kept asking me to share them, so I thought why not share them with the rest of the world?

I hope you will experience the same joy that I did when you use them to create meals for your loved ones. And if you enjoy the result, please leave a comment and share it among your friends!