Menu: Taco Buffet

Not just for Taco Tuesdays, tacos are great for lunch and dinner, game nights, birthday parties and picnics. Can also be prepared in advance.

Menu: Korean Barbecue

It is not hard to create your own Korean BBQ, just make as many dishes as you feel like. The simplest version has only pork belly, lettuce leaves and ssamjang! And if you do not own a tabletop grill, just cook the meat before serving!

Menu: Swedish Julbord

Julbord is basically a Swedish smörgåsbord and it should be enjoyed one section at a time with new, clean plates in between. Every family has their own traditions, but these are the dishes we serve in our house.

Menu: Indian Dinner

Creamy butter chicken with fragrant pilaf and chewy naan. Much better than take out!

Menu: Swedish Barbecue

In Sweden nothing says summer more than grilling and eating outdoors. The protein and sides change, but Bea (Sauce Béarnaise) is essential.