Pinocchio Cake

My mom calls this Donald Duck cake, but it is better known as Pinocchio cake. I do not know what Disney characters have to do with it, but it is a popular cake in Sweden. It is the perfect summer cake; easy to make and serves many. The cake comprises a sponge topped with meringue and flaked almonds that is …

Kesfil / Flygin (Refreshing Milk Dessert from Ragunda)

A deliciously cool and light dessert for hot summer days! And such a rare dish that most Swedes will never have heard about it. This milk pudding is made of silky smooth fresh cheese, served with half-and-half or whipped cream and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. As the nickname Flygin implies (meaning to fly in, in Swedish), it simply slips …

Ostkaka (Swedish Cheesecake)

The Swedish version of cheesecake is quite famous and popular despite being very different from the American version. It is a creamy, almond-scented cheese curd-based pudding that is served lukewarm with whipped cream and jam.

Swedish Kladdkaka (Sticky Cake) / Brownies

The famous Swedish kladdkaka is a rich, gooey chocolate cake that is served with whipped cream or ice cream. My quick, failproof recipe requires only a pot, a pan and an oven. Deliciously crispy on the outside and depending on how long you bake it, the inside will be gooey or sticky (for kladdkaka) or chewy (for brownies).

Havrebollar / Oatballs (Lincals Style)

Those of us who grew up in Sweden remember these mild, creamy bites sold in most kiosks and cafés. In contrast to the more flavorful chocolate balls, they have a mild flavor of vanilla, coconut and barely there cocoa. Grinding the oatmeal and beating the mixture for several minutes results in the distinguishable soft, airy consistency.

Polkagrisar / Peppermint Candy

Making candy is not difficult as long as you take care not to burn yourself on the hot sugar solution. The red and white peppermint flavored candy is a classic, but my favorite is ginger! With heat resistant silicon gloves and a silicone mat it is easy and fun to create your own colorful candy.
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