Cooking Whole Protein

Swedish Holiday Ham (Julskinka)

Since it is getting harder and harder to find brined un-smoked ham here in the states, we started to make our own. It is very easy but the brining process needs to be started a few weeks before Christmas.

Gravlax (Cured Salmon)

Not only a classic on the Swedish smörgåsbord, but also a great dish on its own. We like to serve it with creamed or baked potatoes and of course hovmästarsås.

Roast Turkey

Roast turkey is at the center of many holiday dinners across the world, particularly during Thanksgiving and Christmas. In Sweden it is less common, but my father used to serve it for New Years Eve.

Grilled Chicken Breast

The key to juicy and flavorful chicken is a great marinade and proper cooking. I have included three variations that we use regularly at our house: classic barbecue flavor, Asian and Santa Fe.

Kabobs / Grillspett

Anything goes for kabobs! Just stack protein and vegetables onto skewers and cook them on the grill or in a pan for a delicious all-in-one meal, or serve them with your favorite sides.

BBQ Oil (Caj P. style)

Similar to Caj P. grillolja, a very popular brand in Sweden, this rich, thick mixture can be used to coat anything to add flavor and keep it from sticking to the grill.