Drömmar (Swedish Dream Cookies)

Amazingly light and crumbly, these sugar cookies are unique in consistency and flavor. They are also really easy to make!

Donuts / Doughnuts

Donuts came to America via Dutch settlers, but the typical ring shape was invented in the US. The hole allowed the donuts to cook faster and more evenly, plus it cut down on the amount of dough and thus increased profit! In fact, the hole used to be a lot bigger back in the day. This recipe makes amazingly soft and delicious doughnuts, with or without the suggested toppings.

American Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies were invented by Toll House Inn owner and chef Ruth Graves Wakefield in 1938. They taste amazing with ice cream! Sugar cookies and snickerdoodles (my favorite) are other American classics definitely worth trying.

Kulich (Russian Easter Bread)

This sweet, soft bread is reminiscent of the Italian Christmas bread Panettone, but is traditionally served in Slavic countries during Easter.

Semla (Swedish Lent Bun)

Swedes will go to almost any lengths to get a hold of this delicacy that used to be available only before Lent and served primarily on Shrove Tuesday. These days bakeries start selling them shortly after Christmas because they are so popular. Sweet bread filled with almond paste and whipped cream – what’s not to like?
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