American Staples

The whole family recently became US citizens, therefore I wanted to post some really American dishes this time.

The most American of all dishes has to be fried chicken, created by African-Americans in the southern states by combining Scottish frying techniques with West African seasonings. This immensely popular dish has inspired the creation of many subdishes, some of which are almost as famous as the original.

One such is the world famous Korean fried chicken, or chikin, that when coated with their delicious sweet and spicy sauces brings fried chicken to a whole new levels!

Chinese-Americans have also incorporated fried chicken into some of their most famous recipes, including General Tso’s chicken and orange chicken popularized by the American Chinese food chain Panda Express. Both are big favorites in our house.

Donuts or doughnuts came to America via settlers from Europe and it was here they got their distinct ring-shape. Today we have donut shops on every corner. I love the super soft, glazed version from Krispy Kreme, but my donuts are larger and fluffier like the ones from our favorite donut shop.

Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and snickerdoodles are three classic American cookies originally from New England. All come from the same basic recipe and are very easy to make. They taste great with ice cream or a nice cup of coffee!

I hope you enjoy these recipes and share them with your friends. Until next time!

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