Tekakor (Swedish Teacakes)

In contrast to the sweet British and American versions, Swedish tea cakes are super soft, flattened bread buns that are perfect for open-faced sandwiches.

Hönökaka (Soft Wheat & Rye Flatbread)

A very popular flatbread that is great for open-faced sandwiches and sandwich cakes. This soft, spongy and mildly sweet bread originates from the island of Hönö on the Swedish west coast.

Rågkakor (Soft Rye Flatbreads, Polarbröd Style)

From the very north of Sweden comes this flavorful, soft and chewy flatbread. Great for open-faced sandwiches and sandwich cakes, or make instant pizzas by adding toppings and cook them in the microwave!

Knäckebröd (Swedish Crispbread)

This Swedish pantry staple, referred to as Wasa crackers in the USA, is easy to make at home. For real authentic taste use an active rye sourdough starter, but yeast works well too. The recipe can be variated by adding seeds, spices, different flours and so on. Why not make your own favorite?

Corn Tortillas

Making your own tortillas tastes so much better than the plastic wrapped you find in the store. At first it may feel a little tricky to transfer the flattened dough to the griddle but it is quite easy once you get a hang of it.

Smörgåstårta (Swedish Sandwich Cake)

Many find sandwich cakes odd, but it is simply a festive way to serve sandwiches. Great for large gatherings as part of a buffet along desserts and drinks. In Sweden they are commonly served at special occasions, such as baptisms, graduation parties, birthdays and funerals.
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