3 Sorters Sill (Swedish Pickled Herring)

Swedish style herring can be difficult to find when living abroad. We used to buy ours at IKEA, but this year their selection was limited. Fresh or brined herring filets are really hard to get here in southern California, but we were lucky to find Bismarck Herring at a local European market. I then used the fish to make my own versions of pickled herring.

Juicy Country-Style Ribs

Thick, sticky ribs are always part of our Christmas table and I love them with a little apple sauce on the side. The trick to juicy, tender meat is preboiling first, then grilling or baking with lots of yummy glaze. The best part is that you can do most of the cooking the day before, and just grill/bake them before serving.

Prinskorv (Traditional Swedish Sausage)

Making sausage is easier then you would think, but requires a few special tools. We have missed these precious, little wieners on our Christmas table, so this year we decided to make them ourselves. They turned out delicious, in fact they taste better than store bought!

Fried Chicken

Combining Scottish frying techniques with West African seasonings, African-Americans in the southern states perfected this American staple dish. Deliciously crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, deep-fried chicken has become popular all over the world.

Carne Asada (Mexican Grilled Beef)

A popular addition to tacos, burritos and fries. This Mexican marinade is mild, citrusy and tenderizes the meat beautifully.

Adobada (Marinated Pork)

This is our absolute favorite when it comes to Mexican fast food! Great in tacos, burritos and on top of fries or rice. Flavorful without being spicy, I am confident it will become your favorite, too!
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