Sweet Bread & Cookies

Semla (Swedish Lent Bun)

Swedes will go to almost any lengths to get a hold of this delicacy that used to be available only before Lent and served primarily on Shrove Tuesday. These days bakeries start selling them shortly after Christmas because they are so popular. Sweet bread filled with almond paste and whipped cream – what’s not to like?

Lussekatter (Swedish Saffron Buns)

Vetebröd (Swedish Sweet Bread) with saffron and raisins is baked for advent, Lucia and Christmas. There are many different shapes, but the most common is the S-shaped lussekatt or julgalt.

Simple Panettone

I was first introduced to this traditional Italian Christmas treat in the USA, but now it can be found in Swedish stores as well. My recipe comprises Swedish sweet bread dough flavored with citrus and dried fruit. It is remarkably similar to authentic Panettone in both flavor and looks.

Light & Moist Cornbread

This cornbread is one of the reasons why chili is so popular at our house. It took some time to get it right, since we find many recipes are either too sweet or too dry. This strikes the perfect balance between traditional cornbread and moist, airy cake.

Vetebröd (Swedish Sweet Bread)

This dough is used for most Swedish buns and coffee cakes. Sweet enough on its own with a delicious hint of cardamom and crunchy pearl sugar on top, or filled with nut paste, pastry cream, jam and more. I use them for both Swedish and American cinnamon rolls.

Swedish Cinnamon Rolls

These sweet, soft and crunchy rolls are as Swedish as the famous meatballs. Bake many and put some in the freezer. They taste just as great thawed and warm from the microwave.

American Cinnamon Rolls

These rolls are soft and gooey, with just the right amount of sweetness thanks to the cream cheese frosting. They stay moist for a long time – but you will need to hide them to make them last!