Sauces & Condiments

Ssamjang (쌈장) / Korean Dipping Sauce

This cold sauce is delicious with grilled meat and chicken, or even by itself on top of rice wrapped in lettuce! The name means “wrap paste” since it is often used in bite sized wraps, in particular with grilled pork.

Liver Pâté

“Leverpastej” is one of my favorite sandwich spreads, especially on limpa, topped with a few slices of fresh or pickled cucumber. This is a simple and quick recipe with just a few ingredients.

Basic Gravy

This simple recipe turns your drippings into delicious sauce for your roasted poultry or meat.

Vinaigrette Dressing

Sweet, tart or spicy. A creamy vinaigrette makes any salad come to life. It takes less than five minutes to make, so why would you buy that watery stuff on the grocery store shelf?

Caesar Dressing

You know that thick and creamy dressing they serve in the restaurants? This is a quick and easy method to make it yourself at home.

Ranch Dressing

Cool and fresh, this American classic from Hidden Valley Ranch in California works as a dip as well as a salad dressing.


It took me the longest time to successfully make mayonnaise. My problem was a lack of patience, which made me add the oil too fast. So I paced myself using a teaspoon and voila! I will never buy mayonnaise again!

Sauce Béarnaise

The more flavorful cousin of hollandaise, lovingly called Bea in Sweden, may be scary to make at first, but surprisingly simple when you get the hang of it. My method does not require a double boiler or clarified butter, just focus and whisking!