Cakes & Desserts

Chocolate Frosting

This recipe came about when I was making chocolate icing and forgot to melt the butter first. I love a hint of coffee but it can be skipped. Not as sweet as American frosting, this has a rich chocolate flavor and smooth, buttery consistency.

Lemon Meringue Pie

This is a classic dessert and it is easy to understand why: deliciously sweet and sour lemon curd inside a flaky pie crust topped with soft, airy meringue. Yum!

Lemon Delicious Pudding

This self-saucing pudding was introduced to me when I was an exchange student in Australia. I prefer baking it in a larger dish, which results in more sauce at the bottom, then serve it with vanilla ice cream. For formal occasions I use individual ramekins instead.

Paskha (Russian Easter Cheesecake

This easy, no bake cheesecake is traditionally served during Easter in Russia and other Slavic countries. It is quick to make but takes a few days to mold in the refrigerator. It is definitely worth it!

Ermine Frosting (Flour Buttercream)

This is a smooth, creamy buttercream that is less sweet and buttery in flavor than most frostings. It was the frosting originally used for Red Velvet Cake. It uses regular sugar instead of powdered sugar and is really easy to make.

Kärleksmums (Swedish Lovebites)

This cake serves many and can easily be frozen and thawed for later. My kids call them chocolate squares but I like the Swedish name Kärleksmums that I liberally translated to Lovebites.

Ris à la Malta (Swedish Rice Pudding)

Make a lot of rice porridge so you have enough left over for this delicious Christmas dessert! Mix with whipped cream, vanilla and sugar, this chilled pudding is smooth and airy. We always serve it with fruit sauce for some sweet, tangy contrast.