Kabobs / Grillspett

Anything goes for kabobs! Just stack protein and vegetables onto skewers and cook them on the grill or in a pan for a delicious all-in-one meal, or serve them with your favorite sides.

BBQ Oil (Caj P. style)

Similar to Caj P. grillolja, a very popular brand in Sweden, this rich, thick mixture can be used to coat anything to add flavor and keep it from sticking to the grill.

Sauce BĂ©arnaise

The more flavorful cousin of hollandaise, lovingly called Bea in Sweden, may be scary to make at first, but surprisingly simple when you get the hang of it. My method does not require a double boiler or clarified butter, just focus and whisking!

Panna Cotta

This famous Italian dessert is so quick and easy to make, and perfect for parties as it can be prepared ahead of time.

Lime-macerated Fruit

Refreshingly sweet and slightly tangy, this simple recipe enhances the flavor and consistency of fresh fruit and berries.