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Happy Easter!

These are my favorite Easter treats from Russia: the no-bake cheesecake Paskha and Kulich, a sweetbread filled with raisins and topped with delicious icing.

Let’s cook Korean food !

Korean cuisine is delicious and unique. There are spicy as well as mild dishes, sweet or sour, some are served piping hot, others ice cold. All the different banchan (side dishes) offer exciting meals with great variety. You simply must try it!

More Christmas Favorites

Want to learn how to eat Swedish smörgåsbord? Or julbord, as we call it when served at Christmas. And try some more of my favorite recipes for the holidays.

Time for Turkey !

American Thanksgiving means roast turkey with all the trimmings and lots of pie for dessert. Why not give it a try this year, if you haven’t before?

Comforting Food for Fall

On chilly autumn nights we need flavorful, hearty food, so this month I share some of my favorite recipes from three different continents.

Time for Fika !

Fika is becoming a known concept around the world. Swedes may be reserved but when it comes to hospitality, we know how to make our guests feel welcome.

My Favorite Salad Recipes

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a cool, fresh salad. I learned to love salads after moving to California, so this week I give you my favorite salad recipes and salad components.

Start Baking !

Homemade bread smells and tastes so much better than what you buy from the store. And it is so much fun to bake, you will become addicted!