There is no comparison to freshly made guacamole. You can use it in tacos, hamburgers or as a dip for nacho chips, just to mention a few. Make sure your avocados are nice and soft for the perfect flavor.

Basic Salsa

Salsa means sauce in Spanish and includes many different types. This one is reminiscent of the tomato based salsas sold in jars at the grocery store. You can experiment with flavors and add anything you like to this basic recipe. Great as a dip and on top of scrambled eggs!

Swedish Oddities

Sweden has a some exotic and somewhat unusual dishes. Living abroad we tend to miss them, so I learned to cook a few. Please enjoy!

Smörgåstårta (Swedish Sandwich Cake)

Many find sandwich cakes odd, but it is simply a festive way to serve sandwiches. Great for large gatherings as part of a buffet along desserts and drinks. In Sweden they are commonly served at special occasions, such as baptisms, graduation parties, birthdays and funerals.

Blodplättar (Swedish Blood Pancakes)

Cooking with blood may feel strange but these pancakes are just amazing! I believe this is how my grandmother used to make them, and she liked to tell me that when my dad was little he could eat a whole platter!

Happy Easter!

These are my favorite Easter treats from Russia: the no-bake cheesecake Paskha and Kulich, a sweetbread filled with raisins and topped with delicious icing.